Saturday, June 03, 2006


Useless fact of the day #47:

To prevent its mate from being the village bicycle during mating season, the wild boar would secrete really thick semen after orgasm (note that pigs do enjoy 2 hour orgasms) which would effectively seal its mate's cunt. This in our terms is called, cockblocking. However it is unknown how the hell he manages to get sloppy seconds.

It's not wrong to let go
And let the woman ride you
For fuck sake, don't lose touch
With the dog that's inside you
She wanted what you had
You bet she smelt the spore
Don't give up, fuck her up
One more time, slam that door

Hey you
You're saying that she's all that you desire
Hey you
You think you can throw water on this fire

Korn - Liar.


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