Wednesday, May 03, 2006


To lapse. Such a small word can make such a difference. On the highway, a lapse in your concentration while driving can get you killed. A lapse in character can cause you to do things you regret. A lapse in willpower can cause you to succumb to vice. But then, we're only human. We're not perfect. And every so often, we WILL lapse.

But then, if your nature is to be violent, a lapse in it would be good instead? And if you do lapse, how long would it last? For me, that's a little tricky. If you choose to adapt to everything, and lose yourself instead, what happens?

I seem to rant pointlessly again. I've always believed in the concept of honesty. Even if it's a situation that I don't wanna hear, I should be told about it. Don't lie to me please. It just ruins the image of you. You lapse by going back on your words, using excuses instead to get you to point B. I lapse by succumbing to my alcowhore.

Everybody hurts. And I wake to watch the sunrise and the end of the world.

So do, I warn you
I see things when I hold you
But I’ve whispered: "it’s alright"
It is you and me and a long night

You're a ghost in the doorway,
I can see through, but I hold tight,
I’ll just stay on holding until it hurts,
I just want you to know you're lovely,

Chemical Brothers feat. Anna Lynne - Hold Tight London.


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