Thursday, April 06, 2006


The storm hits at the right time. The rain seeps into your already wet clothes, offering you temporary solace from the troubles of the real world. It's been a perfect night. Almost.

Fine dining without alcohol. Driving around without a real destination.

A watergun fight within the confines of the car. The chemistry is so right. The atmosphere electrifying.

We take coffee to warm ourselves up, our clothes still damp from the floricking. And then the call comes.

As much as it feels that we do, we don't. He comes and joins us, and after a short conversation, whisks you away to his sanctum.

And the rain comes. It's been almost a perfect night.

And then I notice what's marked on my phone's digital calendar. And I can't help but smile.

It might be perfect after all.

And your teeth got wrapped around
Just can't speak
Just sit in your house
Never felt
Tears of love and
Tears of heart
You had it, you still
All you still use shampoo
You had it all, you still use shampoo

It felt so good
And you never die
She will fuck with you

I'm thinking of that kiss
Never will I'm sitting cold
There was love
You loved him
Take him
Trust in you

We shall be
You had it all
Yeah blue
You had it

Who's there you're talkin' to
Like you're sucking on his dick

And it tastes so good
Dreams and a wish for you
I've seen the jaws and they taste so good
Saw the jaws and they taste so good
I've seen the jaws and they taste so good
Tasting the jaws and they taste so good
You've seen the jaws and they taste so good

Broken Social Scene - Shampoo Suicide.


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