Friday, February 24, 2006

Rhinestone Cowboys!

Zomg this is hilarious! For the full impact of it of course, watch the movie, then go watch Casanova after that :D

Aww yer know yer want IT!


At 7 on a Saturday morning, with beer for breakfast, now that's the kinda Irish courage that a man needs. Now the problem would be to get it all out of the system so that I survive a Saturday night at work, and more.

Choices choices. And having Faithless on repeat isn't helping either. The week is ending finally. Thank god. Sometimes you wish things wouldn't happen, but then they can only happen for the better.

I used to worry, thought I was goin' mad in a hurry
Gettin' stress, makin' excess mess in darkness
No electricity, something's all over me, greasy
Insomnia please release me and let me dream of
Makin' mad love to my girl on the heath
Tearin' off tights with my teeth
But there's no release, no peace
I toss and turn without cease
Like a curse, open my eyes and rise like yeast
At least a couple of weeks
Since I last slept, kept takin' sleepers
But now I keep myself pepped
Deeper still, that night I write by candle light
I find insight, fundamental movement, uh
So when it's black this insomniac take an original tack
Keep the beast in my nature under ceaseless attack
I gets no sleep
I can't get no sleep

Faithless - Insomnia.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I sit here still hung over from last night's alcohol binge. I guess it's a fitting way to end my 3 day break from work. To put things simply, my 3 days away from work was akin to sledding down a mountain. Day one was the push off, where you feel liberated as you experience the wind in your face and the momentum starts to build up to turn it into a ride you won't forget.
Day two is where the rush kicks in as the sled occasionally launches you into the air, teasing you with emotions of pain, fear and euphoria. Things seem so easy at this point as it's just downhill, that even the bumps here and there don't bother you.
Day three is when you fail to notice the wall that was convieniently built in the fucking middle of nowhere and you slam head first into it. Then you pick up the pieces of you, drag your carcass to the nearest watering hole, and with the realization of it being all over, drown yourself in enough alcohol to kill a cow.

Now excuse me while I go superglue myself back together in a corner.

For a second I wish the tide
Would swallow every inch of this city
As you gasp for air tonight
I'd scream this song right in your face
If you were here
I swear I won't miss a beat
Cause I never
Never have before

From up here the city lights burn
Like a thousand miles of fire
And I'm here to sing this anthem
Of our dying day

Story of the Year - Anthem of Our Dying Day.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Music Methodology.

The WoW servers are down, thus allowing me a brief escape into reality. We're into the second month of the year and already I seem to be chewing on more that I can bite. Especially when I'm going head on with a mirror of me (ableit younger). It's been a while since I've actually felt such connectivity, but the situation appears to be stickier than the usual messes I seem to get into.

And I'm loving it. It brings out the old me, the one that used to enjoy life for what it was; the one that wasn't so jaded by the politics of the mind; the one that was emotion first and the rest is dealt in the aftermath.

Maybe it's just me overreacting to such attention. Maybe it's just me and my oh-so-active imagination. Maybe it's just female boxer shorts.

Either way, don't knock me off my pedestal so soon aight? :D

I'm two quarters and a heart down
And I don't want to forget how your voice sounds
These words are all I have so I'll write them
So you need them just to get by

Why don't you show me the little bit of spine
You've been saving for his mattress, love
I only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me

Dance, Dance
We're falling apart to half time
Dance, Dance
And these are the lives you'd love to lead
Dance, this is the way they'd love
If they knew how misery loved me

Fallout Boy - Dance Dance.