Friday, January 09, 2009

It's All Just A Simple Case of History Repeating.

If it were only that simple however. But there are indeed unseen hands that guide our path. On a day like this, where I get stuck covering a shift, is when I stumble upon emails exchanged that were thought to be lost. And from reading them, I can't help but see the similarities between the words exchanged then, and the ones recently. The same road taken. The same end results. Makes me wonder why haven't I removed that huge tree that has sealed off that path for so long.

And on that note.

It's time to bring all the pieces of myself back together. For divided as we are, we can do nothing but fall.

Again and again.

I'm curious though just how many of mes are there out there, and within. How many are still missing in limbo.

And which one will be the dominating presence. That I suppose is what I've been fearing most.

For in the end, I am indeed my own worst enemy.

The word is about, there's something evolving,
whatever may come, the world keeps revolving
They say the next big thing is here,
that the revolution's near,
but to me it seems quite clear
that it's all just a little bit of history repeating

The newspapers shout a new style is growing,
but it don't know if it's coming or going,
there is fashion, there is fad
some is good, some is bad
and the joke is rather sad,
that its all just a little bit of history repeating

.. and I've seen it before
.. and I'll see it again
.. yes I've seen it before
.. just little bits of history repeating

The Propellerheads feat. Shirley Bassey - History Repeating.


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