Thursday, March 30, 2006

Family Habits.

Last week, my grandmother had a heart attack. My initial reaction of wanting to drive back immediately was quashed by everyone else telling me to wait it out in Penang instead, while my mom made her way to me. Something about me not in a mental state to drive back alone. :P right.

I guess in a way it was a whole experience for me. As usual, families would seem to gather more in times of crisis than in times of joy. And I did learn a thing or two about my mom as I drove back with her as my terrified co-pilot the next day. One thing would be that my short fuse dealing with incompetent staff is inheritent from here, as I hear her bombard her subordinates over the cellphone while I barrel my way down the highway. Another would be the sarcasm, and 'mulut laser' as she proceeded to gun down every fucktard (her word, not mine) who had their hazard lights on in the storm.

But then again, my traits ( good and bad) don't all come from just her. I discovered where my stubborness came from when I got to the hospital and went in to check on my grandma. Initial small talk had her explaining what happened that night. Apparently, she had the attack at around 11.30pm. She finally decided to call my auntie at 12.02 am after deciding that this might actually kill her. Needless to say my auntie panicked and flew (her words not mine) her straight to the nearest hospital. I asked her why the heck did she wait that long. She shrugged and smiled. I couldn't help but smile back as I called her stubborn.

After all this is the grandma who took care of me since i was 5 days old, all the way for 10 years till I moved to Penang with my folks. This is the grandma who taught me to have an open mind and made sure an ustazah would teach me the Quran everyday at home while she attended church on weekends. This is the grandma of Chinese Eurasian decent who can shoot you down in all 4 etnic languages. This is the grandma brought up 7 kids, half her grandkids and when everyone was old enough, divorced my grandad, yet took care of him till his last days. Hench, this is my grandma who I love to bits.

Another interesting thing noted while I was driving back. All the while I had easy music playing so that my mom wouldn't go deaf ( Keyshia Cole, Prince, Beyonce, Outkast :P ) but it being Saturday night, I switched over to Red 104.9 for their live DJ sets as soon as I hit the Penang border. They had some very decent breakbeats and house playing. Halfway through, my mom asked me what CD was this, cos she wanted a copy. o.O She then started bitching about me not playing good music throughout the whole trip until now. She then proceeded to ninja some of my best dance compilations. At least she drew the line at trance so I get to keep my Tiesto. :P

You can't help but smile to see my mom move to FatboySlim in her seat. :)


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