Saturday, August 18, 2007


I've been rather busy with work lately, which kinda explains my departure from the blogging world for awhile. So why am I back? Well for one thing, my main work project is done finally. As reported by Blogwawasan, Number 5 is up and running. So for all my secret stalkers out there ( yes both of you), feel free to drop by, game a lil, say hi etc :)

Another reason is the fact that I'm a celebrity! Kinda. Well not as much as that Namaweeass or 'I'll vote for you!!!' Jeff Ooi, but I did get a small role in the winning Advertlets video review :D. Go over to Advertlets and check it out for yerself guys.

Also there's been so much that I've wanted to blog about and to say, but I didn't have much time to do any of it due to bad time management etc. Let's hope that I actually follow up on this within the next few days. But for now, it's time for 2 shameless plugs.

First, Netcity 5 is now operational! It's at New World Park, where 40 years ago, Rose Chan took off her kit for masses. If you kids still don't know where it is, ask yer parents. It helps. Secondly, IT'S DRUNKFEST 2007! WHEEEEEEEE! Same time, same place! If you're a chick, come over with more chickfriends. If yer a guy, well, errr, after the 6th shotgun/bodyshot/AK47, YOU AIN'T GONNA FEEL SHIT TO WORRY BOUT THE PROBES! ;)

So yeah, come one come all! And hope that my hypertension doesn't kill me in the next two days. <3

To be despised, to be loved.
To be dreamt of, to be sought.
On the inside I don't care
Right in the middle,
I'm right in the middle
To be despised, to be loved.
To be dreamt of, to be sought.
On the inside I don't care
Be my unholy, my one and my lonely.

Timbaland feat. Fall Out Boy - One and Only.


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