Friday, March 14, 2008


***warning! Spoiler ahead****

Now I started late with the Bleach manga and anime, but managed to catch up rather quick within the last 6 months. Early this morning, I got my hands on the online version of the latest chapter and it got my all giddy with anticipation. From the looks of it, it's starting look like the beginning of the end for the series, as the pace starts to pick up again, with Aizen pulling his trump card, without realizing that the Gotei 13 might be just one step ahead after all. I guess pictures always work better.

And of course the climax building last page.

After waiting for so long for Kenpachi's fight to finish only to be disappointed that the bastard refuses to shinkai, let alone bankai, the possibilities for the upcoming season seems endless. From Kurosaki Sr. to Ukitake and Kyoraku's twin blades, to Uruhara unleashed, to the remaining of the Espada, to the intervention of the Vizard army, it'll all boil down to the next 20 chapters or so. I guess when it's all over, Bleach can finally progress to its next chapter (which would number by the hundreds again).

Let's hope it doesn't do a One Piece though >.<

I try to escape before my shadow is fully cast.
Flying away, not bothering to notice my wings have fallen off.
A sweet scent from far, far away drifts across the street corner.
And I hear a familiar voice crying out.
How much father can we make it, with only the night wind's fleeting hopes to carry us?
The world trembles like it wants to stop us,
Taking everything away
I'm not dreaming any more,
And we haven't done anything yet, but still we'll keep going!

Asian Kung-fu Generation - After Dark (translated)


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