Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dust In the Rain.

Turns into mud on the ground. The intensive groundwork done over the past few weeks have finally paid off. BN is left severely wounded after the latest election with major casualties taken by its race based component parties. The flagship component, UMNO, took minimal losses however, with those that lost were, well, asking for it (GOODBYE ZAM! US MONKEYS WILL MISS YOU!). Now why did all this happen? Bad timing? Racial tension? Blown up models? Inflation? How bout we go with, All of the Above?

Nah. The main reason is that the BN lost track of the ones that matter. The people. The rakyat. Us. They got arrogant in their ivory towers, and believed too much of the bullshit that their spin doctors fed us (and them). The people of Malaysia have mentally matured throughout the past 30 years. You can't treat us like children whenever we question things. I'm sorry but spanking us and sending us to our rooms might have worked back then, but definitely not now.

When the news started filtering in that Penang was lost to the Opposition around 8.15 p.m., all national media could afford was screening BN results, rather the same results, over and over for 3 hours non stop. By then Kelantan was secured by PAS, Selangor and Kedah had fallen and things werent looking too good in Perak for BN. And the country already knew about it, but was waiting with smiles on their faces for the 'official' word to arrive. And now they wanna do a post mortem about what happened.

It's simple really.

They failed to care about the rakyat, the 90% of Malaysia that put their trust in the goverment. They called us bloggers liars and monkeys. They assumed that rural people didn't know how to get on the internet, and if they did, all they used it for was to get to kampungchat or surf for porn. They put people who weren't qualified in positions that embarassed the country. They insulted NGOs and said we're GOOD compared to Nigeria. They did whatever they wanted, and even chose to try to sidestep the need for the Agung. I mean, WE'RE A FEDERAL MONARCHY FFS! And they amended the country's constitution more than 600 times! In 50 years! Sorry but I don't think our founding fathers fucked up that badly now did they?

The BN doesn't need a post-mortem. They just need to take off their rose tainted glasses and see the country for what it is. Ironically, all the propaganda that was spewed out during the elections seemed to only take effect on them and their supporters. They refused to see the signs, dismissing them as just a flash in the pan. Shouldn't opposition ceramahs that draw 10,000 people worry them? It seems the only party that saw it coming was Gerakan, and poor uncle Koh is the only one of them MAN ENOUGH to offer to step down from his position as head of Gerakan. Meanwhile, we still get statements like this about our 'beloved PM' and this about Sammyboy.

The BN just doesn't get it do they. So much for rebuilding. So much for learning from mistakes. So much for attaining wisdom from adversity. It's not about too many new faces. It's more like too many OLD ones. They've already been bitchslapped by the rakyat and lost 4 of their most developed states. Do they need their honeypots taken from them also? WAKE UP YOU SMUCKS! Out with the old and in with the new already. We almost caused a revolution. That doesn't mean it's still not gonna happen if you don't start fixing the country.

The rakyat has spoken. It's time for the goverment to listen. Until then, I'll be flying red rockets and balloons around. :)

99 dreams I have had
In every one a red balloon
It's all over and I'm standin' pretty
In this dust that was a city
If I could find a souvenier
Just to prove the world was here
And here is a red balloon
I think of you and let it go

Nena - 99 Red Balloons.


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