Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Killer killer Motorboat Eater!

Ah a bad guy with class. Does make me wonder at times about my inner self. I do have my little murderous thoughts in my head though. And it's scary at times. Like sometimes in traffic, I seem to have to suppress the urge of wanting to get out, walk over to the retard that cut me off, and beat the fuck out of him with a stick. I do have the stick in my car too.

My freakiest moment was when I started to mentally plot the demise of the neighbourhood kids near my workplace just because they're as ghetto as it gets. And not just a simple shoot em all thought. It was a rather detailed slitting-of-throat followed by dragging the corpse to the next floor to beat the crap out of the next kid.

Or until the head flies off the body.

Shrugs. Maybe I work too much these days.

She reminds me of the one I knew that cut up the negatives of my life.
I couldn't take my hands off her,
she wouldn't let me be anywhere but inside.

She'll never cover up what we did with her dress.
She said "kiss me it'll heal,
but it won't forget".
"Kiss me it'll heal,
but it won't forget".

Marilyn Manson - Heart Shaped Glasses.


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