Thursday, April 28, 2005


Yes I'm horny. I've been (overly) horny for the past 2 days. Work doesn't help much in getting my mind off things since we just installed Playboy Mansion in every machine in the northern outlets. Hugh Hefner the man indeed.

Maybe it's the head cold that's gotten the hormones into overload. Everyone is horny all the time after all, tis only whether or not they dare to admit it. But when you're sick, your lymph nodes have a tendency to just overdo it with the hormones. Maybe it's the body's way of saying, " You need to get it out of yo system f00!"

Right. Maybe.

And no, wanking's not an option >.< At least not at the moment. Might cause erm embarassing situations and all that. Righttttttttttt. The playlist ain't helping much either. Hell, I'm amazing myself with my tolerance level these days. I hope it's not a sign of old age.

Once again, dammit.

Baby, just shake ya ass till you spread on the floor
I noticed that your ass too big for your draws
You need a - a chiropractor just to marry yo ass
To tell the truth you need a tractor just to carry yo ass
Fo reala, you motherfuckers probably think that I'm playing
All bitches love to talk and all that other shit I be saying
And going hmm, see how you putting it down
I love the way you shake it throw it around

Move girl I'll light your ass on fire - I'll light your ass on fire
Move girl I'll light your ass on fire - Bitch I'll light that ass on fire
Move girl I'll light your ass on fire

Busta Rhymes feat Pharell - Light Your Ass On Fire.


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