Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Emancipation of Peepee.

Right. Just when I was about to blog my mind, Capes hijacks it by showing off his new webcam. It's really quite an interesting model. For it's price, it's certainly doing better than my Logitech at home. And hell lotta cheaper too. Of course, having that new toy just brought out the camwhore in him, and as expected, the session did include the customary nipple shots, light tests, and mooning. If he had someone to teabag he would've. I gotta get me one of them cams, heh.

Anyway, I've been clocking an insane schedule lately. Uber workloads punctuated by a couple hours of sleep in between has become the norm now. And in between that, I had to do the full marathon for the bloody IRS today. Fucktards in the goverment really.
*ding* Please go to the 4th floor. The lift only has like 200 people waiting for it so feel free to use the stairs.

*ding* You will need revenue stamps but our stamping office has closed. Please get them from the nearest post office thank you.

Runs down stairs to the GPO and back.

*ding* You got the stamps? Good. Why didn't you get it verified at the Commissioner of Oaths first? I can't get it stamped if it's not.....

*Runs off to the Commission of Oaths office and back*

*ding* Very good. Now take this up to the 11th floor. Oh, the lifts aren't working by the way. Have a nice day.

*Starts beating Tudungfied counter clerk, then runs up to the 11th floor before the guards realize what's going on.*

*ding* This form is not meant for here. You'll have to take it to the ASNB building in Butterworth.

So tomorrow, I need to cross into the mainland, collect the necessary documents, and then come back and turn them in. Suddenly it sounds like a World of Warcraft quest gone wrong. Dammit.

Oh and I can only get it done AFTER I finish up with Sungai Dua's machines later. So once again, I'm looking at maybe err 2 hours of sleep time if I'm lucky. At least I'm off on Thursday, so that would give me some much needed downtime.

Or maybe not. Come to think of it, I haven't been lucky in a while, so why should it be now?

I needed to believe something
I need you to believe in something
I needed to believe

Chemical Brothers - Believe.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

*ding* elevator door opens and look... it can only hold about 10 ppl...

the IRS seriously gotta think of a new place... security was constantly spraying air freshener...

- BabyB0y

April 27, 2005 8:27 PM  
Blogger Rand0m said...

you too huh. >.<

April 27, 2005 8:42 PM  

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