Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Eagle Hath Landed.

Time seems to just fly by these days. It's already 2009, a year that geomancers, feng-shui masters, astrologers and financial analysts say will be the worst year for this decade. The world economy is falling into recession. Mediums are advising against marriage this year. Multinational firms are planning to lay off thousands, but locally and abroad. A rather bleak picture that's being painted don't you think?

Which is why I choose this year to actually make resolutions.

Yes I know, I've always said that resolutions are a waste of time. The last time I made them was back in 2000 where it got placed in a bottle to be sent out to sea, and only to watch them shatter in a drain due to a ahem bad throw.

But the ones I'm making this year are aimed at simplifying life as it is, as you'll soon see.

So on with the resolutions then.

1. Hit the ground running.
Too long I've been doing things half heartedly. This time I'm charging into 2009 with the intention of finishing what I start. No more leaving behind paper trails, excess emotional baggage, and the like. It's time for me to clear out that Dead Nigga Storage Room in the back.

2. Leave No Man Behind.
Yes, as much as I do enjoy watching burning bridges, I've decided that I shouldn't be leaving anyone behind, be it friend, foe or exes. Just because they do it, doesn't mean that I should too. 2008 has seen too many left behind, be it bro or ho. As SuperGodMasterForce says, 'It ain't nothing but a thang.'

3. No Quarter Given.
It's time to take care of number one this year. So it's no more mister nice guy. If it means playing hardball with those bigger than me, so be it. Sorry, but I ain't a doormat no more.

and lastly,

4. To Live.
Simple isn't it. To live life. To stop and smell the roses. To get in touch with myself time and time again. To enjoy doing what I do. To learn a new thing everyday. To regain my passion for my loves in life.

I guess it's true. To rebuild oneself, you gotta first break yourself down totally.


So unimpressed but so in awe
Such a saint but such a whore
So self aware so full of shit
So indecisive so adamant

I'm contemplating thinking about thinking
It's overrated just get another drink and
Watch me come undone

So rock and roll, so corporate suit
So damn ugly, so damn cute
So well-trained, so animal
So need your love, so fuck you all

I'm not scared of dying
I just don't want to
If I stopped lying I'd just disappoint you
I come undone

Robbie Williams - Come Undone.


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